5 Most Beautiful Soccer Jerseys of All Time

Soccer has been around for a long time. In the beginning, it was not all that glamorous; in fact, its beginnings were pretty humble. However, when this sport started to take off and gain popularity, more and more people were included. Today, there are billions of soccer fans around the world, who eagerly await the next game of their favorite club. Many people even like to bet and make their experience all the more exhilarating; with more and more websites offering interesting things, like the Betfair promotion code, placing a bet has never been more interesting. This, among other things, has made soccer so popular, and everyone, from players to fashion designers, tends to express their creativity more and more every day, which can especially be seen on the example of soccer jerseys, where we have some really iconic pieces of sportswear which made history.

The black referee jersey

Maybe an unexpected jersey to start off with, but certainly one that is among the most famous in the world of soccer. Even though this color is no longer in use, as referees are required to wear colors that are more easily noticeable, the black shirt has remained one of the most iconic pieces of sportswear ever.

The 1994 USA jersey

Once the United States was allowed to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup, they did their best to make it memorable, which in this case also included an unusual star-spangled jersey, which looks like it was copied from a cartoon. Nevertheless, it is one of the most recognizable jerseys of all time.

The 1989 Napoli jersey

There is hardly a soccer fan that could not recognize this kit, upon seeing its gentle, light blue color. This jersey was used when Diego Maradona played in Napoli, and it has seen him through some of the best football of his career; it is a truly remarkable piece of soccer history.

The 2005 Arsenal jersey

Even the younger fans remember this jersey, which, for its time, really stood out from all the designs and patterns of the time, with its solid color and a collar resembling that of a dress shirt, it was a truly elegant piece of sportswear. Arsenal made this jersey as a farewell to their old stadium, Highbury, and it really was a fitting and classy tribute.

The 1986 Argentina jersey

This is another jersey on the list that is popularized by the same player, Diego Maradona. It was precisely the one in which he scored his much-debated goal, later ironically nicknamed “Hand of God”. Thanks to Maradona’s great skill and performance, there is no sports fan in the world who cannot recognize this simple, yet elegant design.


Every age and year in soccer brings about something new, and sportswear is one of the easiest ways we can notice that progress, thanks to designers who work hard to make the players on the field look as good as possible; in the process, they also create pieces of soccer history.

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