Most Interesting Graphic Design Images That Have Caught My Eye

iGaming design

iGaming design is a flourishing industry. Online casinos need designers that know how to attract new customers. It’s not all about sparkling lights and flashy images, though. For an example of a gorgeous, fresh website design, that is at the same time colourful, modern and intuitive, check out Cashmio Casino website True innovators in this genre, their artists created designs that are playful, professional and attractive. More examples from this industry can be found at While you are there, you can also make try out various Ladbrokes Bonus Types.

Andrew Fairclough’s illustration series


These beautiful vintage-inspired illustration series depict various aspects of student life in Australia. Andrew Fairclough is a designer, illustrator and art director based in Los Angeles. He started out designing skate and snowboard graphics and is now working with top clients including Rolling Stone, American Express, Adidas and Penguin Books. His work is inspired by mid-century spot design, surrealism, vintage sci-fi and comic art. Take a look at more of his art at his official website:

Floral Design


One of the more recent design trends that I really like is exemplified in beautiful and elegant floral typography layouts. The flower petals, leaves and stems are intertwined around the letters, creating bold and vivid, yet gentle artworks. This effect can be used for wedding invitations, greeting cards, exhibition posters and more!

Violaine and Jeremy


Violaine Orsoni and Jeremy Schneider are an artistic duo who operate an illustration and graphic design studio in Paris. Their designs are an elegant mix of classical and modern styles, graceful and refined, yet daring. Also, their pencil sketches are stupendously good. See their work at:

Pop Art Magazine Covers by Ana Strumpf


These colourful pop art doodles on magazine covers are the creation of Ana Strumpf: illustrator, creative consultant, interior and product designer and Vogue Columnist from Brazil, renowned for her Re.Cover art series. She has worked with big names such as Walt Disney, Nina Ricci, Max Mara Group, Bertolucci, Tok&Stok, Micasa, Ellus, etc, and has her work exhibited around the world. She reimagines magazine covers with lovely, playful, hand drawn patterns and embellishments.

Juri Zaech’s Typographic Projects


This cute typographic design is the work of Juri Zaech, a Swiss art director, currently based in Paris. His main field is advertising, but it was his charming font project that inspired me today. Do take time to take a look at other fonts by this great designer at: You will definitely find something for you!