Most Beautiful Sports Photos Ever

Sports photography is the art of recording memorable moments in the history of sport in a beautiful and emotional way. For this list, I looked for photos with exceptional artistic value. If you often bet online with Rushbet, or another sports betting website, like I do, you might be slightly irritated by how generic sports photos often are at these websites. My recommendation to all sports betting websites would be to use more unique photos, like the ones from this list. That could really make their website stand out from the crowd.




Photographer: Neil Leifer


Nov. 14, 1966 | Leifer lets us see the legendary match between Ali and Williams from a totally new perspective in this beautifully squared composition. The even took place at the Houston Astrodome and this photo captures the moment when Ali knocks out Cleveland ‘Big Cat’ Williams after just three rounds to defend his heavyweight title.




Photographer: Heinz Kluetmeier


Beijing Olympics, Aug. 16, 2008 | The tension and determination are tangible in this photo where we see Michael Phelps finishing 0.01 seconds before Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic at the end of the 100-meter butterfly final. This victory brought Phelps the seventh of his record eight Olympic golds.




Photographer: Walter Iooss Jr.


All-Star Weekend, Feb. 6, 1988 | Jordan flying towards the basket from the free throw line to achieve a perfect score of 50, defeating Dominique Wilkins in the finals of the best ever Slam Dunk Contest.




Photographer: Heinz Kluetmeier


1980 Olympics, Feb. 22, 1980 | The spontaneous joy of players who had just accomplished the impossible: The US team celebrating victory over Soviet Union 4-3, that eventually resulted in them winning the Olympic gold.




Photographer: Neil Leifer


Montreal Summer Olympics, Aug. 2, 1976 | Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci performs a somersault at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal. Comaneci, captured here by Leifer as if gracefully suspended in thin air, won three gold medals that year and became the first gymnast ever to win a perfect score in an Olympic gymnastic competition.




Photographer: John G. Zimmerman


Rome Olympics, Sept. 10, 1960 | Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila runs towards the Arch of Constantine barefooted, moments before setting the world record for the Olympic marathon. He finished in 2:15:16.2. It is the magical setting that put this photo on the list.



Photographer: Fred Vuich


Masters, April 8, 2001 | The serene atmosphere of golf is captured perfectly in this shot, where we see Tiger Woods as he tees off in the final round of the Masters. He eventually won to complete the “Tiger Slam,” four successive major championship victories.

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